(25)mm Full Color

(25)mm Full Color units are the most economical LED display resolution. When using (25)mm Full Color resolution displays we recommend using only text based messages. We recommend using this type of display to advertise: Date, Time, Sales Promotions, Directions, Public Service Announcement.

The (25)mm Full Color displays will however, produce videos and graphics in full color in the event you want to use this type
of advertisement.

(20)mm Full Color

When dealing with LED signage the industry standard for full color displays is (20)mm. The main issue with this resolution is that many manufacturers are trying to reduce their cost by reducing the number of LEDs per pixel they use in their (20)mm product. We use (4) LEDs per pixel (2) Red, (1) Green, and (1) Blue, please view the picture below to see an example of a side by side comparison of a (4) LED per pixel vs a (3) LED per pixel display.

4 LED vs 3 LED. The more LEDs on the surface area of your display the better the images will look. We recommend using (20)mm Full Color resolution when you are installing your display greater than (20)feet off the ground. The further away your clients are viewing this information the better the resolution will appear.

(16)mm Full Color

LED displays are an advertising medium that many business owners are gravitating to because of the extreme impact on their business converting drive by traffic into walk in customers. LED sign resolution is very similar to TV resolution, the more LEDs you have on your screen the better the information will look. If you are looking to promote your business using HD graphics or videos your best choice is (16)mm resolution. (16)mm resolution gives you a much higher picture quality than the industry standard (20)mm, by simply having at least 25% more LEDs on the exact same surface area.

Your location will determine the size and resolution you need.